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Multi Angle

In projects already started and coded, can you add a camera angle, or so you have to start from scratch.

Also, when exporting to playlists, can you have a split screen output option to see the same clip from 2 angles?

Thanks Peter, I got the 2 projects merged so that is a great addition to my analysis for this game.

Do I get a prize for the first query on this board ;-) It will eventually get busier as more people come on board with queries.
Hi Michael,
Once started a project it is not possible to add an extra video from different angles to the project.
You need to start a new project with multi-angles opened already.
When using the same Analysis Dashboard for the project, it is possible to import the project data of the earlier made project, so you do not have to work from scratch.

There is no side-by-side/splt screen output export of the tagged play situation to a video clip.
The selected video angle will be used for the export.
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