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Save playlist from project

Hi everyone:

Is it possible to save a playlist from one project to other project in version 1.1.1 as we could do in the past?

I think this will be suitable to store info all season along.


im with you on that one elobato - that was very simple but useful project on the previous version

After 8 months I don't see it happening now  

Dear user,
new feature included in the latest version and only available for LongoMatch PRO : The Presentations Manager which allows to organize them, create new ones, and modify its details or even duplicate them. 

Thanks to the filters it's possible to find event from different projects and filter them by season, competition, and team and use these filtered events to create new presentations.
Using the timeline you can create presentations and share them with your team. To make it even more professional, you can add external images and videos to customise your presentations.

To see the video tutorial, use the linke below:

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