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exporting to Final Cut Pro

Recently I have been exporting playlists and importing them into Final Cut Pro (version 10.1.4) on Apple Mac.

I noticed the when I start editing there are green tinges coming up at certain parts of the files (See attachments). The same doesn\'t happen in iMovie. However, I am getting used to using FCP an find it easier to use.

Any ideas anyone? For now I will just use iMovie.



It\'s the first time we see something similar, we will investigate it further and check if we can fix it somehow.
any more updates on this issue.

I have upgraded my Mac OS to the latest version and also now longomatch v1.1.1

Hi Michael,

I\'m also working a lot with Final Cut Pro 10.2.1 on OS X 10.10.4 but I never had that problem before. May I ask which output format you choose when exporting from LM?


It is 720p format that I am extracting. It gives a green tinge to video. Here is an example of a file created in Final Cut

I think when using the open source version, this wasn\'t the case as I had create quite a few pieces via FCP and Open Source version. Final Cut has more options than iMovie but for now I am using iMovie


Final Cut X doesnt work very well with mp4 files, if you convert it to m4v or another format you can work very well with the clips

Augusto Pons

This is nice post. Thanks a lot fireboy and watergirl

You make it seem like it's extremely simple to export to Final Cut Pro, and it is. Those who write review will agree with my statement here. I don't know why people make a whole thing about this.

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