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Basketball Dashboard

Hi All,

I\'m trying out the Open Source version of Longomatch, and although it comes with the default dashboard, I know that they have a basketball dashboard in the PRO version. 

My team is semi-professional (I use that term very loosely), and the club just can\'t afford to be paying an annual fee for software (I don\'t really get paid either, just a modest honorarium).

Does anyone know of a basketball template in existence for the Open Source version of Longomatch, or whether you can purchase individual templates from Fluendo?

Based on the examples in the PRO version, there is a real possibility for a strong community, within a number of sports, to develop for the open source version, but there needs to be a starting point for these communities to build from as they will be developing the tools in very different ways to compliment each of the sports.


I use longomatch in my pro team almost everyday
I made My own dashboard to fit My needs, and i can share with toy if toy want
Any user has his own personal needs and the best thing is try todo make one
Please contact me for some advices or dashboard exchanges

Hello apons,
please could you share me your basketball dashboard.
I download LOngomatch version 1.1.2 open source and in this software I don\'t find basket template.

Here is my dashboard for basketball

Hello Anybody can share dashboard for Handball please
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