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Exporting to csv problem

I have created a group of tag buttons to describe different event types that share the same subcategories and expected to export this data to csv, but those subcategories set by a tag button doesn't appear on the csv file.

The only way I found to achieve this was to PAINFULY create ALL these subcategories MULTIPLE TIMES, one for each event type and them those tag buttons work and the data is exported to csv.

Another thing that is extremely painful is that the csv files are exported as binary values, one column for each subcategory value. Isn't it possible to export as one column for each subcategory and instead of a binary value, the value it self?

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Hi Victor,

This is something we have fixed in this release for the Excell exporter in the PRO version, but we didn't have time to do it in the CSV exporter of the open source versions yet.


Is there a timeframe for a fix for this issue? I understand the PRO version takes priority as that's where your revenue is. Being able to create tag buttons for common tags is great, but ultimately useless if we can't export the data they create.

Exporting to csv problem. When we export it in that time we no need to stay online. Because in this way we can easily solve csv problem online where is important. I just want to make these things more effect and remove all problems.

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