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Unable to create a new project with New/Edited Dashboard

As numerous time previously I would create a new project by selecting "video file" and my "Dashboard"

But now when in the tagging view I "tag" my events nothing drops as being registered on the time line or the top left boxes




good and this post is useful


Hi Iam,

This error happens because of a bug we have recently discovered, where copying 2 teams from the teams manager does not create a real copy of the players in the teams. When you create a dashboard with 2 teams copied the filters don't work as expected. There is simple workaround which is clearing the players' filter.



Next time this happens, please, check if you have any filter.



  • I deleted All Dashboards - mainly as my original was "migrated" for the previous Longomatch Version - was it that that caused the problem?
  • Exported all existing Projects - hopefully for later use
  • Deleted all teams. ... thought fresh start
  • Re Installed Longomatch "|Open Source"
  • Created a "new dashboard"
  • Successfully completed a "new" project -  so fingers crossed others are the same

Hope this helps any others who have similar problems

Shame "Help Desk" was unable to help



Hi Cust0m3r

Im considering it

I have upwards of 20 Projects im frightened I lose - If no other suggestions come today I will reinstall tonight 

So frustrating

Did you try to re-install the software again?



I carried out the check above

it was already set to True Colour (32 bit) and after going thro the process it tried to tag a project and it still did not register and events

It did however, as previous, record the score on the front page of the Project but did not show it in the tags in the top left box of the tagging screen and none in the timeline view

Yo can check if your display is set ascolor depth to 16 bits per pixel and set it up as to 32 bpp.
Right-click on an empty space on your desktop and select Screen Resolution option to open the screen resolution settings for Windows. Click on the Advanced Settings link. Go to the Monitor tab. Check if it's set to 16 bpp, and set it to 32.


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