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Sync2Desk Kills LongoMatch open source on windows

Hope someone can help... I'm using the open source version of LM - just updated to the newest version to start using the Tag2Win App. I purchased Sync2Desk and went thru the long arduous process of getting the license activated, but now longomatch won't open. It's throwing an error which reads "LongoMatch.exe - Entry Point not Found. The procedure entry point CRYPTO_memcmp could not be located in dynamic link library LIBEAVY32.dll". It then throws another error - SSLEAY32.dll not found. The error stated before I activated Sync2desk. But after activating, the error persists. It only stops once Sync2Desk is uninstalled. Running Windows 7 or 8 and using the CodeMeter Runtime Kit for activation of Sync2 Desk.
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It can be a software you have installed that is using the same plugin as LongoMatch and is causing the issue. Please, contact with support. 

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