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Windows - PRO freezing


I have issue with freezing of Longomatch PRO.

When I´m trying to open new project longomatch will freeze. Windows reinstalled. PRO reinstalled as well. Brain new installation to avoid system problem.

Please advice

the problem is still present.
As well I´m  not able to create any video clip from single TAG - getting error about video editor fail.

PC was completely reinstalled to make sure windows are not source of the problem.

Please advice as next week Monday going to the world league round 1 tournament and need to get this sorted.

Thank you



Hola Petr. ¿desde que versión te ocurre?

@Petrif LongoMatch PRO is not working as it should, please write to
Remember, LongoMatch PRO user have a dedicated agent.


getting same king of thing, any solution?


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