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Longomatch Windows install with roaming profile

 Does anyone recall what "configuration" changes are needed to make Longomatch run when it's installed on a Windows laptop under a user with a roaming profile?

There's some fairly simple change but I've lost my record of what to do.  It may have been in the forum for the "old" version.

Thanks, Tim


Finally found my old post below that answers my own question !!

Yes there is a way to do this - I have just implemented it today.  First look at

Longomatch support gave me the following link that explains how to add a new environment variable, please see the link below:

I added a new Environment Variable = LONGOMATCH_HOME

and set Value to C:\Users\<my username> where <myusername> is the name I use to logon.


 I'd also like to thank the people who arranged for the post about changing default directories to be on this new forum.

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