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Failed to query view named Dashboard


I just bought Longomatch and a collegue of mine, who created the Analysis Dashboard, sent them to me so we could have the same pad. Well when i try to import it it says that.

Error: Failed to query view named Dashboard

Can somebody help me? I really don't get it. I tried to uninstall and install it again and nothing happend

Named users can be utilized to send messages, oversee labels, and question current status, without expecting to store a mapping of clients to IDs. A named client record is made in our framework the first occasion when we experience a specific named user ID! dissertation writing service uk 

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Have you checked the library? In most cases, we call parameters that should not be found in a library. If it already exists in a library then there should be an error from your server or platform from where you uploaded the dashboard. When I designed and implement database queries using do my essay UK variations it was hard to figure out the missing queries from DB. But somehow I managed to find each one!

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