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Bullet Force

***Bullet Force about***


Bullet Force is an upcoming first-person shooter. Jump aboard a new multiplayer experience, prepare your arms and ready your weapons.


Grab your friends and experience a true war like experience. Select from over 6 weapons and drive vehicles including an MRAP and a military tank.


Not only this, but you are given a complete choice with fully customizable load outs, to create your ultimate solider. If the multiplayer scene does not strike your eye, bullet force offers a complete single player campaign, along with singleplayer game modes.



- Singleplayer campaign

- Singleplayer team-deathmatch mode

- Online multiplayer with custom matches

- Satisfying gunplay

- Vehicles

- Customizable loadout (multiple weapons with attachments and camos)



Système d'exploitation : Windows XP

Processeur : Intel Core i3

Mémoire vive : 2 GB de mémoire

Graphiques : AMD Radeon 6670

Espace disque : 1 GB d'espace disque disponible

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