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3. Why it is important to structure the presentation?

For many people, the only thought of delivering content is an overwhelming task and brings a lot of nerves and lead to anxiety and depression. However, if you take some time to understand in order to know how effective presentations are structured and then you will appear much more relaxed and confident.

In case you have ever sat through a great presentation then you will probably have a left feeling either inspired or informed on a given topic. This isn’t because the speaker was a motivating or knowledgeable person in the world, instead, it is because they know how to structure a presentation in order to deliver an effective presentation and persuade an audience towards their stance. The great speaker of all time crafted their message in a logical and simple way which allows the audience to keep up with them can take away the key messages.

The research was taken from Elisabeth Sam do my assignmenthas supported this by showing the studies that audiences retain structured information 40% more accurately than unstructured information. However, not only the structuring of a presentation is important for the benefit of the audience’s understanding but it is also important for you as the speaker. It will keep you on track and this way you will cover your points. A good structure helps the speaker to remain calm, stay on topic and avoid any awkward silences. 

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