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ultrasonic dog bark control reviews

If you have worked out some guidelines on how long your dog should bark before you could leave the house, you can also use it in your dog training. When he starts to bark for the first time, give him a treat so that he will be motivated to stop barking. Repeat this and before long, your dog will not bark every time.

The time between when you go out to work and when you return home will be a good time to train your dog. When you come back, after you put your kids to bed, your dog will try to ask for his treat. Now, you can give him a treat and make him get down for his dinner and maybe even let him have a short nap. This will be a very good moment to do this training.

Now, whenever you give him his meal, make sure that he does not eat on the ground or in the grass. It might be easier for him to bark when he sits on the floor. Get the best dog trainer here:

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