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How to Activate Plex on Roku using

Following guidelines can help you to activate Plex on Roku using
1.  At first, launch your Roku streaming player and make sure that it has network access. 
2.  After that, you must scroll to the left side of the screen and get into the Roku channels store. 
3.  Secondly, you must choose the streaming channels section and look for the Plex TV among the famous streamers. 
4.  Moreover, if you cannot find it over there, then move to the search bar and type the channel’s name. 
5.  Next, get the Plex channel from the result and check for details. 
6.  Now, highlight the app and choose the Add channel option. 
7.  Then, download the channel by pressing the OK button on your Roku remote. 
8.  This will install the Plex TV on your Roku streaming player. 
9.  Thirdly, open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and sign up for the Plex TV account. 
10.  Similarly, access the Plex TV app on your Roku device. 
11.  And then, choose the Sign In the menu on the Home screen that is shown. 
12.  The four-digit channel activation code will appear on the screen. 
13.  Fourthly, you must visit on your computer or mobile device. 
14.  Then you will be asked to log in with your Plex account 
15.  Further, you must key in the four-digit activation code into the text box that is provided.
16.  Once after entering the code, the Plex page will refresh and shows you the media. 
17.  Finally, you watch all your Plex favorites. 
In case of any queries with the app, contact the support team for getting the right solution @ +1-844-517-6440
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