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Is It Possible to Connect My iPhone 7 Plus To Laptop Wireless?

I recently purchased an iPhone 7 plus and sometimes I prefer to work from my smartphone instead of a laptop as a LinkedIn Profile Writer I make LinkedIn Profile by using my Phone but sometimes I am not able to work from my phone because of low charge and due to low charge I prefer to my incomplete work to my laptop but mostly I transfer data through my iPhone cable. Here I need some software for Laptop and Mobile to transfer my data without and data cable. Is it possible to share data through the iPhone 7 plus without any data cable? If Yes then tell me the alternative to implement this.

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When it comes to battery, the iPhone isn't a reliable choice, even Chinese phone gives better battery performance. And unfortunately, you can not connect your iPhone 7 to your laptop, because the world's biggest mobile phone brand has no data cable port. As an associate of a UK based firm where we sell essays UK, I believe that iPhone should bring this basic not so advanced innovation in their products that may boost their sales

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