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SharePoint Migration

To discover what items are moved in this scenario, and which items will not be moved, see Moved Items. Note that these items will vary by source and destination, so check the proper environment listings carefully.

If changes are made at the source after migration, they will not sync to the destination, nor will changes made at the destination sync to the source. We do not have “live” monitoring of changes (as with a sync agent) and we cannot handle scenarios such as conflict resolution without user interaction.

MigrationWiz supports the capability to share migration projects across a Workgroup. When the Project Sharing feature is turned on, all Agents besides those who are Inactive can view all migration projects. 

Preparing the Source

Save library templates. This step is only required if you want to apply templates from your Source libraries onto your Destination libraries. 

Important: the v2 connectors do not support invalid XML characters.  The list of sites will need to be checked for these characters and sites with invalid characters will either need to be renamed or migrated using a v1 connection instead of v2. The invalid characters are: < > " ' &

Enable App-Based Authentication

Set up the app-based authentication in the Office 365 tenant. BitTitan uses app-based authentication for SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Office 365 Groups (Documents) migrations, and Microsoft Teams migrations. This provides greater security and reduces the potential of Microsoft throttling. It replaces the previous Office 365 authentication, which has been subject to increased throttling by Microsoft. This app-based authentication method is specific for Office 365 tenants.

Important: This app must be added in both tenants (Source and Destination) to reduce the throttling and failures due to Microsoft's throttling policy changes.

If this app is not added on both tenants, MigrationWiz will attempt to create a temporary substitute app in the tenants to be used for authentication. We do not recommend relying on this substitute app creation, as this behavior will only be a temporary transitional behavior within MigrationWiz. To avoid potential interruptions or failures in migrations, it is strongly recommended to set the app up in the tenants.

Add the App to the tenant

Step 1:

Visit the following URL and sign in as the administrator user:

Do this for both Source and Destination tenants.

Step 2:

Authorize the App for both Source and Destination tenants.

Click on the Accept button.

Steps to remove these permissions are provided below in the Post-Migration section.  

Prepare Destination Environment

Create a SharePoint Online administrator or Site Collection administrator account to be used for migration, or use the global admin account for the tenant. More information about these can be found here.

Create SharePoint site libraries and schema.

Note: Make a note of the site URL where the document libraries are stored. This will be entered when creating your MSPComplete Destination endpoint.

Create the structure of the document libraries, and also create the actual document libraries on the Destination SharePoint Online site, before beginning the SharePoint migration project.

Note: Refer to this Microsoft training video for more information on the steps: Create your document library.

Set up the app-based authentication in the Office 365 tenant. For specific instructions, see Sharepoint App-based Authentication.

Optional: Apply the Source library templates to your Destination libraries.

Note: This step is only required if you want to maintain the same look, feel, and design of your Source libraries on your Destination.

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