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How to Activate Philo Channel on Roku Device?

  • Connect the power cable to the Roku device and power up the device
  • Ensure you hook up the Roku device and the tv
  • Enable the network to the Roku device
  • Now you need to open the Roku channel store and sign in using the Roku account credentials
  • Search for the Philo tv on the Roku channel hub
  • Open the channel app on the channel store and tap on the add channel option
  • Now wait until the download gets completed
  • Then allow the device to install the channel on the Roku device
  • You need to provide the Roku pin to purchase the channel from the channel store
  • Now you need to open the Philo channel app
  • Process the steps for the activation
  • Tap on the login and manually generate the code on the screen of the Roku
  • Note the code and enter the code on the site
  • Provide the code on the site
  • Now you need to sign in the Philo account and start the steaming steps.

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