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Polaire AC Reviews - Powerful Portable AC With EvaBreeze Technology Spotlight They say necessity is the mother of all inventions. Polaire is one such invention which is designed out of the need to beat the blazing heat of the summer at a price which fits an average household budget. Polaire AC air conditioners are intended to meet personal cooling needs of individuals who are looking for a durable relief from the scorching summer heat at a price which is not only very affordable, but also delivers value over an extended period of time. For ensuring this, Polaire uses an innovative and patented EvaBreeze technology in its design. This technology allows it to deliver a strong and an increasingly eco-friendly cooling effect that lasts for an amazing thirty hours on a single charge. The award-winning design of these compact personal air conditioners makes them energy efficient and extremely easy to use, explaining why the Polaire ACs have been sold over a million times worldwide.

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