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Head to Services. Here, confirm whether the spooler organization is running

Climbing to Windows 10 can bring a colossal number of issues you never expected to oversee, for instance, bugs, extensive and normal incongruence, and relative tiredness in case you came over from using Windows 7. You have likely gotten used to the inferior idea of Microsoft's latest OS now. In any case, the perilous thought of the OS can immerse various domains, for instance, the working of your HP printer my hp printer not working after windows update.


Windows 10 printing issues are famous for impeding real work, though most of these can be settled with a couple exploring steps. Coming up next are two or three stages that can help you with taking care of HP printing issues in Windows 10.


Guarantee All Windows Updates are Installed


In case your structure has been downloading and presenting an update, guarantee that got wrapped up. This fuses programming and drivers, which are huge when you are dealing with a printer issue. If an update has fail to present or download, it may show up as particular issues in your printer. See that each and every fundamental driver have been invigorated, so the related contraptions can work reliably with the PC.

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