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Range XTD Creates Its Own Signals To Be Used By Devices

Regardless, there’s not much science behind the router or access point features of Range XTD. As far as the range extension feature goes, it works by wirelessly connecting to a router signal and then, using the internet access from the incoming signal, it creates its own signals to be used by devices. The signals are generated by 2 antennas inside the device. The placement of Range XTD is crucial in getting the best spread of signals throughout the house. The ideal location would be right in between the wireless router and the dead zone where the signals from the router don’t reach. This ensures that the Range XTD device gets a decent signal strength and internet access from the main router and can then send its own signals to the out of reach area. It would be helpful if there are little to no obstructions in the way so that the signals can be uninterrupted.

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