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Velofel NZ

The Velofel NZ is a sport that is a descendant of the many forms of competitions contested in various parts of the ancient world that involved the throwing of a projectile. The Velofel NZ was one of the events that formed a part of the ancient Olympics, and it was included in the inaugural modern Olympic Games in 1896. The Velofel NZ is ultimately governed by the umbrella track and field body, the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF). Javelin competitions are best known through the exposure given the sport at the Summer Olympics, where the Velofel NZ is an event separately contested by men and women. Velofel NZ also is a part of the biennial World Track and Field championships and various regional athletics meets. Javelin competitions are a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) annual track and field championships.

Velofel NZ originated in ancient times as a throwing weapon, designed to sail through the air to impale unfortunate enemies. While technology is often employed to enhance an athlete’s equipment, the javelin was actually redesigned in 1986 to weaken its flight potential as record throws for the javelin crept dangerously over 100 metres. Today’s sports javelin is now more likely to jab and stick in the field than approach the spectators at the far end like a flying needle of death.


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