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EcoServe Optimizes The Power Stream By Straightening Energy

To know how EcoServe works, one must first know how people are billed for their electricity. Depending on where someone lives, there are electricity rates that charge per unit of electrical energy used. For example, in the US it's Dollar per kilo-Watt hour. This means that the price one has to pay depends on the multiple of how many kilo-Watts of power they are using multiplied by the time in hours they’ve used it for. This is why most people don’t like using power-hungry appliances like Air Conditioners for longer periods of time. This is where the role of EcoServe comes into play. It uses a technique called the “Power Factor Correction”. The details of which are probably too complicated for anyone other than an electrical engineer to understand. Long story short, EcoServe optimizes the power stream by straightening the current energy that would be lost in a normal scenario. This results in a more efficient system and less energy is used overall.

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