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Considering Adelaide roof restoration? Here are some of the services we offer at Paint-A-Roof.

  • Concrete tile restorations: Concrete tiles inevitably crack and lose their original coating over time, which decreases both functionality and appeal. We can fully restore the life of your concrete tiles by repointing your ridge caps and gables. To add protection, we add high quality acrylic coating to re-seal the concrete.
  • Colorbond restorations: Colorbond Steel has been tried and tested in the roughest of conditions to withstand the intense climate of our country. We repaint and replace Colorbond steel to fully restore durability and appearance.
  • High pressure cleaning: This is one of our most common services, as we always use high pressure to clean rooves before repairing and re-painting. Our equipment is rated at 4000 psi, enabling us to remove any grime and debris that has built up over time. Trust us for your roof restoration!

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