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Some of our leading suppliers

Simmonds Heating & Cooling aren’t only known for our reliable air conditioning service Adelaide. We’re the go-to solution for all the best products on the market! Some of these are: Ductair Energy Smart: Ductair is an Australian brand that designs state of the art ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems to enhance energy efficiency. Their products can save up to 45% on running costs per year and 45% on greenhouse gas emissions. Despite the economic function, they nearly double the capacity of traditional ducted air conditioning systems. Fujitsu: Fujitsu is an internationally accredited brand that has been introducing leading technology for decades. Their air conditioners are designed to be quiet, efficient, and easy to maintain for simplified comfort at home. LG: Cool, comfortable and stylish is the consistent theme across the LG range. Their range, combined with our air conditioner services Adelaide, is a recipe for long term temperature control!
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