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KetoAdvanced at real diets show that diets that are higher in fruits and vegetables is better than diets that or you can gain some weight, but your body wants to pull you right back to that same spot over and over again. Well, hmm. Why do people gain weight then you'd say, you mean should your body, wanna shed that weight? Well, sure, and it tries to and if you ask patients and you sit with them, they'll say, well, I gained like a pound this year, and a pound that year, and I pound that year, it's because they're constantly battling with that stress, and poor nutrition and you know, those things, and it just slowly adds up. It's not like they typically gain a lot of weight all at once. - I see. - Yeah. - So do you think that weight can be managed by changing behavior alone? - For those folks, again, that are in the five, 10 pound range, you just need to put away the Cheetos and come back, I don't mean to make fun of Cheetos. They're good. (Lauren laughing) Be careful, there are other things. So there are some of that that it's just... Yeah, yo

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