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Can Dreamweaver be considered a suitable tool for web design in 2020?

If you want a tool that packs a lot of features and options, then Dreamweaver is a great option for you. Dreamweaver is a great choice for all those looking to create thriving web experiences however, to use Dreamweaver for website design and development, one must have commendable knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To list down a few benefits I learned from a New York based web design agency were: 

  • It frequently saves used snippets of code 

  • You can easily move things around two screens 

  • You get code on the left, ftp on the right, and no extensions are required to set it up 

  • The code becomes easily formattable. With just a single button, you can make it readable. 

  • You get a few good add-ons.

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