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Canon Pixma Wireless Setup

To begin with, the setup is to make sure that the printer is turned on for the process to setup canon pixma mg2500 wireless.

Now you need to press & maintain the wifi button at the top of the printer till the lamp flashes once for the process of canon printer pixma mg2500 wireless setup.

Now on the lamp next to this button begins to flash blue after which go to the access point and press the wps button within 2 mins.

Now in order to access the WPS on the printer follow the user guidelines.

The (blue) Wi-Fi lamp at the printer will flash at the same time as searching, and the power and wifi network will also flash while connecting to the access point.

The next step for canon printer pixma mg2500 wireless setup is when the printer has correctly made a connection to your wi-fi network, the power, and wifi light will stop flashing and continue to be lit.

To confirm if the printer is well connected with wifi we recommend running the print test if you are able to print then it means you are all done.

In case still, you are not able to set up don’t worry you can reach us our team will guide you.

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