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Steps For Canon Pixma MG 3620 Printer

The first step to begin is to check the box is well sealed or not before unboxing it for the process of canon mg3620 setup.

Now you need to remove all of the plastic and the packaging substances of the printer frame.

The next step is to connect it to the power switch and then switch on the plug of your canon mg 3620 printers.

After that, open the cartridge get right of entry to the door to put in the new cartridges in the printer of canon mg3620 setup.

The next step is to download the driver for the canon printer and ensure that you download the driver from the renowned website also check it is compatible enough with the device.

The next load enough papers of US Letter Size into the input tray and print the test alignment page.

The last step is to run the print test if all goes well then you are done with the canon setup steps.

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