If the user can't export a playlist or an event because the rendering process is stuck at 0% percent or in the middle of the rendering it might be due to a corrupted input file or an unsupported format.

  1. Check the video container format in the Projects Manager -> Videos -> Container. The following formats are not supported and should be converted with the Video Conversion Tool:
  • MPEG-1 System stream
  • MPEG 1 Video
  • MPEG2 Video
  • MPEG-2 System Stream
  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream
  • Try to export the same playlist or event without the option "Enable audio"

  • If the above points can't be checked we need to reproduce the issue in our side and we should ask the user the send us:
    1. The project file exported from the Projects Manager
    2. The video file associated to the project