If you want to add notes to your project, you can use the drawing tool for LongoMatch PRO. Also you can export a video file with all your notes added while reproducing the video.

First, make sure you are reproducing the correct event you want to add the drawing to. You will see an icon that shows which event is reproducing at this time. Then click on the drawing tool icon at the time you want the notes to appear while reproducing:

Then a new window will be open with the drawing tool which allows you to add several icons, lines, freehand drawing, etc. Please, make sure to click the "Save to Project" button once you finish with your notes:

Once saved, you can reproduce the drawing if you click on the event again. You will see the icon on the event that is playing. You can add as many edited notes you need, just make sure the event is reproducing and that you click the icon at the time you want to add the edited image. Note that you won't be able to change the time later. In case you saved more than one drawing to an event, this will stop every time it show a note. Then you will have to click on play to keep forward. If you click the right button on your mouse, a drop down menu will open with different options . It includes also the drawings options in order to edit or delete the files.

In the same drop down menu you will find the option "Add to a playlist". It allows you to create a new playlist to place the event or to place it in a event already created.

Finally if you want to export the playlist with all the notes, click the right button of your mouse and the click on "Render" option.

A new "Video properties" window will open. Please, select the options you would like for quality, image format and encoding format of you the file you want to export.

Finally an .mp4 file will be saved and you will be able to reproduce the file with the notes in it.