As a LongoMatch PRO user, you can ask for remote assistance in order to solve you questions and issues as soon as possible.

To do so, you can click here and choose the time that fits you best within the available hours. Note that you will have to specify your time zone so the available hours will be converted in you time zone.Once you have sent the request, you will have to wait for the confirmation mail.

To connect remotely to your computer, we will need you to have installed in your computer AnyDesk, otherwise it will not be possible for us to help you. In addition, 10 minutes before the scheduled time for remote assistance, we will send you an email asking for Anydesk id. Have in mind that Anydesk has to be opened so we can connect to your computer.

*Working hours: 

Monday to Thursday from 9h-19h CET

Friday from 9h-14h CET