Can it be possible that you had an old version of LongoMatch previously installed? 

If it is first time you install LongoMatch LongoMatch's last version and you can't open nor create teams, dashboards or projects; it can be because your old data base is causing a conflict. So please, try the next steps:

  • Close LongoMatch
  • In your folder C:\Users\Username\LongoMatch you will find a folder called "db". ( To know how to access to this folder in a Mac, click here)
  • Create a copy of this folder in your desktop. Note that all your work is in this folder, if you delete it you loose it. Make sure you create this copy. 
  • Once you have created the copy, delete the folder called "db" in C:\Users\Username\LongoMatch
  • Open LongoMatch

Can you work normally? If so, the problem was the old data base. Note that every 2 days LongoMatch creates a backup that you can recover. To learn how, click here to access the video tutorial.