If you subscribed to LongoMatch Starter or PRO plan and when I open the software I still have LongoMatch Basic, please restart LongoMatch connected to internet and it should update to the right subscription plan. 

If it doesn't, please, make sure you did the subscription with the same license you have activated in your computer. For example the next case:

  • You have one account with an email example@longomatch-user.com, which has a license with a 25 digit code QAXXX-11XXX-XNXNX-XXNXX-XXNXX. And you proceed to activate this license in your computer.
  • Then your do the payment wit another account. For example  example2@longomatch-user.com which has another 25 digit license code SJXXX-22XXX-XNXNX-XXNXX-XXNXX. 

In order to do the automatic updates, we link them to the license associated to this account. So, following the case of the example above, event though in your computer you have activated the code QAXXX-11XXX-XNXNX-XXNXX-XXNXX the automatic update license code will be SJXXX-22XXX-XNXNX-XXNXX-XXNXX.

You can pay from another paypal account, but you have to make is your account (and then the license is activated in your computer).

To help support to solve this issue as soon as possible, please use the searching tool to look up for Codemeter and send a screen shot of what you see:

In case you payed form another account is not the one of the license you did subscription to, you will have to force the validation of the license code with the right license of the account you have payed. To learn how, click here.