In case you want to change computer, and you would like to have all your projects in your new machine, you can migrate data base. To do so:

  • In the "old computer" close LongoMatch.
  • In your folder C:\Users\Username\LongoMatch you will find a folder called "db". ( To know how to access to this folder in a Mac, click here).
  • Create a copy of this folder in a pen drive or use the cloud to upload the db folder.  Note that all your work is in this folder, if you delete it you loose it. Make sure you create this copy.
  • In the new computer, with LongoMatch closed, access to C:\Users\Username\LongoMatch and replace the "db" folder. (Copy the folder from your pen drive to LongoMatch folder, the system will ask you to replace the folder. Accept)
  • Open LongoMatch
  • You will see your teams, dashboards and projects migrated. 

Now, all the project have been migrated. But you have to bare in mind the following:

  • LongoMatch does not create a copy of the videos you use in a project. Otherwise, the memory in your computer will duplicate. What we do, is to use the same video you have in the computer. So, when you migrate the "db"folder, you are not migrating the videos too. So, when you first open a project, you will be asked to upload the video again. 
  • Mind the limitation by LongoMatch version. So, if you had a LongoMatch PRO version in your old computer and you migrate the data base to a computer with LongoMatch Basic (which is limited) you will not be able to see all projects even though they are in data base.