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Recording from Sky+

Has anyone out there any experience of recording off the sky+ footage from TV to computer.

Hi Michael,

You can use video capture device on the HDMI output, and record it to the PC/Laptop.

Note: some digital TV-decoders will have HDCP video protection protocol to prevent recording from HDMI. This can be overruled either by using a HDMI splitter device, or by using modified software for the capture device which removes the HDCP.


Peter Strikwerda


It's an older post but I just found something out that I would like to share. I did also scrape Sky Footage but since Sky changed the decoders in German speaking areas the screen was purple all the time. In fall I bought myself the very handy Black Magic Video Assist camera display and capturing device. The thing is you can pass through the video signal to another HDMI grabber in a daisy chain and end up having unlocked Sky footage (or any decoded footage you like). I have all the products at hand so I can work in any environment and so this solution didn't cost me an extra dime.

My daisy chain looks as followed: TV - HDMI - Video Assist - HDMI - Black Magic Ultra Studio Mini - Thunderbolt - MacBook Pro 13"


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