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OS EL Capitan - USB grabber


Trying to do live analysis with Elgato USB grabber.

I can't see the the Elgato grabber under DEVICES in the menu with live analysis to choose from where to take picture. I see only build in camera on the laptop.

any one have the same problem?

I'm not new to the Longomatch but new to use it on MAC

thank you


Hi Petr,

Could you check if the device is listed in other applications like skype (Preferences -> Audio/Video) ? If it's not listed there it's probably that this device can't work with 3rd party applications in OS X.


Hello Andoni

Will check.

in the meanime, do you have tested any HD USB grabber to work with Longomatch and MAC OS?



Hi Petr,

We have tested the old USB grabbers that record with PAL resolutions. What we have tested and we now they work very well are the blackmagic HDMI capturers, both the USB 3.0 and the thunderblot models. There is a comprehensive list here: http://support.longomatch.com/solution/folders/1000221975


 Hello Andoni


this was tested as well?

indeed there are in fact 3 products of this vendor.



Hi Petr,

I have completed the list a bit more. The more affordable is the BlackMagic Ultrastudio Mini recorder, but it only works in Mac.


 Yeah look much better now.

but I would say 200 or 140 is not huge different and Intensity look much better because of options on input.

I like this one, because I have non HD ELgato USB capture and working great.


one more



All these ones you are listing are encoding the signal on the device instead of sending it raw.
This is the main difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0/Thunderblot devices. Since USB 2.0 does not have the bandwidth to send the raw HD stream, it's encoded first and we don't support that yet.

The only good thing of the Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 is that you can use it both in Windows and OS X, but you will not use all that many inputs, just the HDMI one with modern cameras. Instead the Ultra studio mini recorder also support SDI input which is very important in many sports since that the type if signals you receive in competitions from the official cameras, like in Rugby championships


 You are right

Thank you for detailed answers.

Hope it can help to other MAC users as well.

Hi Petr (and Andoni),

The Elgato Game grabber was tested at the office (if I am correct), and does not work with Longomatch.
I personally prefer the Avermedia Extreme Cap 3 as it is a good and simple HDMI-recording device. The Avermedia LiveGamer works also great. And both have software available which can remove the HDCP-protection from the signal (if you can find the modified version of it on internet).



I was tested the avermedia U3 and does not work either

i use the fake capture and the avermedia rec central at the same time to see on the mini screen what im record and tag at the same time 

Andoni do you know why longomatch didnt "see" the usb 3.0 avermedia or ElGato?

The avermedia U3 only works on Windows, the OSX drivers of Avermedia do not allow thrid party application to use the device, only through Rec Central.


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