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M2T Files

I have a video camera man that works mainly in PC and will give me DVDs a few days after games. But I have started to use a card reader and take the raw M2T files off the card. I need to "handbrake" them into MP4 and them merged into an overall MP4 file to put into Longomatch. My colleague uses Dartfish and PC, so he is able to import all as a AVCHD file. Any ideas to how I can get M2T files straight into over overall Mp4 file Thanks
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You could simply buy a MTS-converter to do that for you or you stick to the more time consuming solution with Handbrake - if you haven't seen yet Handbrake now alows you to convert multiple files by bunch conversion in a queue but it still doesn't merge the files. By the way, have you tried with LM Video Converter Tool? I used to do that in LongoMatch in the far away past ;-)


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