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Exporting trajectory locations


it would be very helpful and useful if it was possible to export all the passes with the start coordinates of the pass and the end coordinates of the pass. This will allow for much more in depth analysis.

Is this possible?


I still trying to figure out how to pin point the tag location I clicked in the video session to my field; but when exporting I cant see the co-ordinates I tagged.


Hello, it is possible to export coordinates only with LongoMatch PRO, as this information is added in the excel file. LongoMatch opensource can't export excel files. 

You can use plugins for this purpose and do export work easily. I get plugins from myhomeworkdone which are so helpful for me and I hope it will help other people to know about these things easily.

What kind of depth analysis you are doing now a day and how many people are working on this topic. Because I also want to do work on it and keep exploring new things over time. secure devops

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