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Issues syncing fake analysis timeline with actual video file

Hi there,

I\'m experiencing problems syncing timelines from fake analysis with the actual video file. Usually I always trimmed the videos to match the timeline. We get the video files from broadcasters and then I simply trimmed the video match the start and stop signals. I became quite precise doing that so my timelines fit really good. But the process is taking me up to 30 min. and so I would like to use the sync tool more often. I tried several times now but it seems I don\'t understand it. This is how I tried it so far:

1. The first period starts when the ref starts the match (soccer by the way) and ends on the refs signal. For the second period I applied the same workflow in order to skip out the half-time break. I have to catch up with the head coach during the break to exchange ideas and I never leave my stuff unattended so I have to make that break.

2. When I got the video file I trimmed it to match the start signal of period 1 and I cut off a few seconds after the game was finished. So the half-time break was still in the video.

3. In the syncing option I moved the green bar of period 1 to the beginning of the game and the green bar for period 2 I moved to match the starting signal of the second half.

4. When I confirmed my settings and the analysis opened I realised that the work I did was not saved correctly. A good way to check are corners as well as freekicks and those markers within the first 15 min. of the second half only displayed scenes from the half-time break.

Any ideas what I did wrong?

Cheers, Ron

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