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Volleyball Dashboard Template

Just looking to see if anyone has a volleyball dashboard template, before I attempt to learn how to build a new one.

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I\'m finding it challenging creating dashboards too gsintay. seems a steep learning curve. Perhaps fluendo might consider charging a fee for the purchase of a single dashboard. I understand they come with pro versions but some people might be happy running the open source version and don\'t have the need to upgrade to pro. Reckon they might make a bit more $$$ that way. I know I\'d buy a dashboard.

Sorry I can\'t help you with volleyball. Btw I\'m looking for a cricket db and an Aussie rules db. My attempts are pretty pathetic.

Good luck.

Not sure if you created your volleyball dashboard...I made one the other day, let me know if you are interested in it.



I'm glad to hear. Where we can download templates?

when you download LongoMatch PRO 15 days trial version, you can download a free dashboard. There is many templates and one of them is volleyball. 

Remember, is only a template. To get the analysis that you would like you should create your own dashboard. 

Remeber that, when you download LongoMatch PRO 30 days trial version you can download a free dashboard. There is many templates to download.


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