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Add shortcuts to adjust plays

Once you are watching a play it would be nice to have some shortcuts to adjust the start and the end of that play. In other softwares I've used the I (in) for the start and O (out) for the end.

You can set up the event to "manual", then when you first click it starts recording and when you click the second time it ends the recording. Mae sure you click the second time or it won't stop recoding.  Also you can choose how many minutes you want to record an event. You can set it up in both "dashboard managers" or when you start a project you can edit the dashboard. Note that if you do that, the changes will be only saved for this project and no on the dashboard template.  Finally, you can also edit the recoded time on the "timeline" tab. You only have to drag de event to set up the time recoded. 

Thank you Saray. 

Yes, I know that i can record the events with the "manual" mode but what i want to say is that when I'm analyzing the events and when I want to create a playlist to show, I must adjust the events. Sometimes the preseted time for each event is good but other times I must cut the events.

For that cut, I've used the shortcut that I mention in the topic on other softwares. For example in basketball I want to cut the video once the ball enters in the basket but I have 4 secs more on the event that I dont want to show on the playlist. That's why I think that this shortcuts could be helpful. 

Now I make this adjustments with the mouse but the other way is easier for me.

There is we do have shortcuts to start recording. Please go to "Preferences" option "keyboard shortcuts" see attached image. But this option is only available for any live recording, not for video files projects. Also make sure you tag any option when is recording, otherwise won't be added to the playlist.

I think that I didn't explain very good my idea.

When you define your dashboard, you must set a time before and after of your tag, but usually it lets some time of the video that it's not interesting to show, so that's why I think that it would be very useful.

What I would like is to avoid the adjustment of the plays with the mouse. If you see the screenshot, I want to fit the start of this play in this moment (sec 4,330 of the play) and when I see the play I want to set the end of the same play on the second 11,250 of 12,000 seconds. So when I'm reviewing the tags to create a playlist I fit this start and end of the plays dragging the mouse and I would like to do it with some shortcuts.

Do you understand my idea?

Thanks for your answers.


Hi Iñaki,
I do understand now, you'd like the short cuts to edit the recoding of the event once you have coded your project, not while. So, as you said, right now it is not possible. You can edit the recoding time only by dragging your mouse  We'll add your request to our roadmap. Thanks for the feedback.


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I wanted to follow-up on this post to see if it is possible yet to edit the event duration using shortcuts?

I would like to quickly cut the beginning and end of many of my events. 


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