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Sync2Desk Kills LongoMatch open source on windows

Hope someone can help... I'm using the open source version of LM - just updated to the newest version to start using the Tag2Win App. I purchased Sync2Desk and went thru the long arduous process of getting the license activated, but now longomatch won't open. It's throwing an error which reads "LongoMatch.exe - Entry Point not Found. The procedure entry point CRYPTO_memcmp could not be located in dynamic link library LIBEAVY32.dll". It then throws another error - SSLEAY32.dll not found. The error stated before I activated Sync2desk. But after activating, the error persists. It only stops once Sync2Desk is uninstalled. Running Windows 7 or 8 and using the CodeMeter Runtime Kit for activation of Sync2 Desk.

It can be a software you have installed that is using the same plugin as LongoMatch and is causing the issue. Please, contact with support. 

Errors are not something that you have to clear. It can change when you fix it and know it well.

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