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External tags vs Stats

Hi guys,

My dashboard has a lot of external tags (tags that are not inside a category, see photo 0). My external tags are grouped according to the type of the action. When I code using an external tag and a category (see photo 1), my video will appear in the playlist with both tags.

But when I go to the stats window, in categories stats, it doesnt appear any graphic about my external tags' informations. It only appears graphics about the categories' specific tags. (see photo 2). I have a bunch of questions. Doesn't the software count these external tags at his stats zone? Doesn`t the software generate graphics about these external tags? If not, making graphics about these specific informations in the categories stats could be a good suggestion to a next update. 




Gabriel Daiha

Tactical Analyst of Vasco da Gama, Brazil.

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the software does not count the tags for the stats, only the category boutons are counted to get the stats from at this moment. The team is working on adding tags for the statistics though. 

Thanks for the answer man!

I have a bunch of suggestions to make. Where could I send them?

If you would like to send feedback send an email to


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