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How to make this Halloween special?

How to make this Halloween special?

Halloweens are the most fun nights of everyone’s life. But showing up in the same costume every year might make the night boring for you. You can make your day special this year by revamping your Halloween wardrobe collection. Just sweep away your classic halloween costumes, and opt for something other than usual. Take the outerwear out this year, like trench coats, jackets, blazers, or layer yourself with capes and robes. Capes and robes are the distinctive edges that you have been looking for. Dress up as a red riding hood hottie in a red long coat or choose a spooky Grim Reaper look in a black robe. Take the scythe with you and scare the soul out of everyone. If you want to do something with capes, don’t go for the common batman or superman look, instead, go for a Hogwarts Witch or Wizard look. Complete it off with a wand and remember those spells! Just get out of your comfort zone this Halloween and make it special.

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